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( FALL/WINTER 2016 )

"It is the mood of the beholder which gives the city of Zemrude its form."


ARTIFICIAL PARADISES is inspired by Invisible Cities (Italo Calvino). This book includes a series of travel stories based on various conversations between Marco Polo and Tartar emperor Kublai Blan. An imaginary traveller talks about impossible cities to a melancholic emperor.

Every chapter describes a fantastic city, and each one of them bears a woman’s name.


Artificial Paradises is a men’s & women’s collection that has a strong emphasis on patronage and tailoring, where new elements are introduced in order to destroy the proportions and the idea of what a classic suit is. This collection is ornamental, the details and accessories are extremely important, traditional elements in fashion history have been taken to the present times and mixed, and elements related to the female world have been included in male clothing.


We presented our Collection Artificial Paradises during the catwalk Mercedes-Benz Madrid Fashion Week for Fall-Winter 2016.

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