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" Le cadavre - exquis - boira - le vin - nouveau "


“Cadavre exquis” is a collection built with a mix of irrational elements, starting from the game exquisite cadaver, technique used by the Surrealism.


Robert Desnos, Paul Éluard, André Bretón, Tristan Tzara,… used to play this game and said that the creation should be anonymous, made by a group, intuitive, spontaneous, playful, unconscious and automatic.


Probably reunited in the Café Voltaire in Zurich, where the Dada movement were born, and will ended creating the Surrealism, they included for the first time, random as a creative process.


After this, the process became graphic defined as “ a game where an image of a person is drawn in portions, with the paper folded after each portion so that later participants cannot see earlier portions”.


Starting from this process, this collection is a “Cut & Paste” of disjointed parts and elements that pretends to break the traditional conception of the body.

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